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Housing Glossary

You will find information here on all topics relating to housing in Barcelona


Accrued interest

The interest applied as a penalisation when the debtor does not comply with repayment obligations. The amount must be established in the contract.

Active supermortgage

This allows the client to choose their loan's benchmark index (MIBOR at three months, six months or a year) so that payment can benefit from lower interest rates sooner.

Adaptable instalment

Characteristic of UCI superloans that allow the borrower to not pay one instalment a year for the first three years if there are problems due to holidays, extraordinary expenses, etc.

Advanced cancellation fee

A commission arising from the financial risk involved in the advanced cancellation of an operation. The applied commission compensates the financial institution for its financial losses.


Direct state aid for paying the deposit on a property.

Affordable housing

Group of social housing or dwellings from social renovation projects that are sold or rented at below-market prices.

Affordable rent

The cost of renting these dwellings is below market prices after being included in operations concerning the rented flat pool, social renovation or social housing promotions.


Payment made to repay a loan.

Amortisation period

The duration of the loan. The contract establishes the date of the first and last payments. The longer the period, the lower the payments are, but the higher the interest. You therefore pay more in the end. The monthly instalment should not exceed 35% of your net income.


Estate agent. A qualified professional who acts as an intermediary between the two interested parties to facilitate the signing of a real estate contract, which can be a rental agreement, a sales agreement or another similar contract. They usually charge a percentage of the sales price as compensation or commission.


A citizen who makes a registration application to the Barcelona Social Housing Applicants Registry, and who represents the other members of the dwelling unit included in the application.


Annual Equivalent Rate. Effective annual cost of the mortgage in terms of interest, commissions and the repayment period. To compare loans, it is not enough to just look at the lowest APR, you also have to compare the conditions, the repayment period and the distribution of instalment payments.

Arbitri municipal de plusvàlua

Former denomination of the capital gains tax on landed property.


The value of a dwelling certified by a specialised assessment company, in accordance with the mortgage market law. This certificate not only indicates the real value of the property, it also serves as a reference for obtaining the necessary financing.


Document in which the owner authorises the tenant to carry out building work in the dwelling's interior.

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Have you got a flat to let? Find out about the advantages

  • Economic incentives for including your flat in the housing pool
  • Subsidy for renovating the flat, up to a maximum of €20,000
  • 95% discount on council property tax (IBI)
  • What services does the Rental Housing Pool offer?

    • Mediation services between empty-flat owners and potential tenants.
    • On the one hand, empty-flat owners who hand their properties over to the Pool enjoy the security that their contract's terms and conditions will be complied with.
    • On the other, people looking for a home will be able to access a Housing Pool with guarantees and at an affordable price.

    How do owners take part?

    • Every owner who is interested in the Rental Housing Pool can fill in the information request form or go to one of the Housing office.
      Telephone: 931229494. This telephone is only for homeowners interested in including their home in the Barcelona Rental Housing Exchange program.
    • What subsidies and incentives are there for owners?
    • Financial incentive for including properties in the Pool:  €1,500 if the your flat is empty and €6,000 for debt settlements in the case of flats under legal proceedings.
    • Housing-Renovation Subsidies for 100% of the cost of renovation work, up to a maximum of €20,000, subject to prior technical assessment of the property and in exchange for a 5-year contract.
    • Tax discount for 95% for Property Tax (IBI) payments during the years of validity of the social rental contract (there is a discount from tax payments).

    What guarantees are offered?

    • Guaranteed rent payment through a guaranteed fund and specific monitoring to ensure owners receive their rent should tenants fail to pay. 
    • Maintenance Bonds for properties, which will always have a Household Multi-Risk insurance policy at no cost to owners.

    What procedural help is provided?

    • The programme offers a Legal Defence Insurance Policy and support from the Pool's management team.
    • It offers legal and technical advice for the property.
    • Social Monitoring and Mediation, with mediation on request from the parties or a court-appointed lawyer.
    • Help and advice with Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC) and Habitability Certificate (HC) procedures are included (excluding tariffs), conditional on signing the rental contract.

    What are the advantages of this programme?

    Rent out your property, with rent payments guaranteed by Barcelona City Council

    The Pool offers incentives for renting out properties, along with technical and legal advice when it comes to drafting leases. It also ensures compliance with contractual obligations. 

    Rent your flat out through the City Council and receive financial aid for renovation work!

    If you own a property and would like to rent it out under this programme, you can also opt for a home-renovation subsidy for 100% of the work costs, up to a maximum of 20,000 euros, in exchange for a contract of up to 5 years of letting your flat through the Pool. 

    Rent your flat out with the City Council and you will have all the help you need for the paper work!

    If what you're looking for is peace of mind and help in administrative procedures, this programme offers you legal defence insurance, legal and technical advice as well as administrative and procedural support.   

    Rent your flat in just 4 steps:

    • 1

      Application to include the home in the pool

    • 2

      Housing renovation process

    • 3

      Candidate visits

    • 4

      And that’s it, your flat is rented!

    Find out about all the programme's characteristics

    If you own a flat and would like to rent it out with maximum guarantees and peace of mind, find out about the main features of the Barcelona's Rental Housing Pool's flat-acquisition programme here.

    What is the Rental Housing Pool?

    The Barcelona Rental Housing Pool is the result of the merger between the Rental Social Housing Pool and the Rental Pool for Young People.

    The Rental Housing Pool has been under the control of the Barcelona Housing Consortium since 2009 and it is administered through the Housing Offices network.

    The Rental Housing Pool offers mediation services between the owners of empty properties and possible tenants. Its aim is to increase the number of affordable rented dwellings and to make them available to dwelling units and young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who meet the Rental Pool's access requirements. This mediation also aims to ensure access to housing while providing security for the owners who make their property available.

    Telephone: 931229494. This telephone is only for homeowners interested in including their home in the Barcelona Rental Housing Exchange program.

    Advantages and subsidies for the owner

    The advantages and subsidies for the owners who assign their properties to the Rental Pool are as follows:

    • Avalloguer is a system for covering rent payments, which means that the property owner is guaranteed the payment of a maximum amount that is equivalent to 6 months unpaid rent, once a court ruling has been issued.
    • Multi-risk insurance policy for the entire duration of the contract.
    • An insurance policy covering legal defence in the case of non-payment.
    • Processing of the Certificate of Occupancy and/or the Certificate of Energy Efficiency (excluding tariffs in both cases), provided that the rental contract is formalised through Rental Pool mediation.
    • A subsidy from the Barcelona Housing Consortium for habitability work or for adapting property interiors, in accordance with its terms and conditions and where the official notice regulating it has been published.
    • Tax discount from Barcelona City Council equivalent to 95% of the IBI property tax.
    • Technical and legal advice.
    • Drafting of the contract and mediation for signing the contract.
    • Monitoring of contractual obligations, mainly in cases of non-payment.
    • Drafting of the contract termination agreement where this is requested.
    • For further information go to Regulatory Standards for the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool.
    • Since this subsidy is public and involves a capital income, the beneficiary has the obligation to present the income tax declaration, which must also include the received amount.

    What is the incentive for including empty properties in the Rental Housing Pool?

    Aid subject to call. Currently, this aid is NOT active.

    Owners who put their empty properties in the Rental Housing Pool can apply for a €1,500 subsidy. This €1,500 sum is available to owners irrespective of the rent they have agreed to and the time that has passed since the signing of the contract. It may be applied for on signing the Pool Inclusion Agreement and will always be paid out, provided the rental contract has been signed.

    As an exception, homes that already have tenants who do not have any rental contract will be considered, where their situation may be regularised by the signing of a Pool contract.

    Adaptations can be made to meet the requirements for tax discount equivalent to 95% of Property Tax (IBI) payments.


    1. Subsidy Applications at Housing Offices
    2. Checking Requirements (Pool – Flat Acquisition) and proposed resolution (Rental Aid). A copy of the resolution will be forwarded to the owner when the rental contract is signed.
    3. The financial management will carried out through the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation, with a request for monthly payments.

    See the announcement of the 2023 call closing (CAT)

    What does guaranteed payment of 100% of the rent mean?

    The Pool's mediation service is offered for managing rent collections and payments to owners, through the "Rent Mediation" system and the creation of a guaranteed fund from the Barcelona Housing Consortium.

    Rent payments for the last quarter of 2016 are guaranteed through emergency aid under the SSAH programme.


    • The Pool manages the signing of rental contracts between owners and tenants
    • The contracted company will manage rent collections and payments
      • Managing rent collections (7th day of every month)
      • Managing payments to owners (10th day of every month)
    • Where rent is not paid, the Department of Decent Use will be notified, so it can activate the Housing Protection and Mediation Service (SPIMH).
    • Unpaid rent will be managed through the SPIMH and financial aid provided for the rent
    • The contracted company:
      • Will make monthly reports on the situation of unpaid rent and the Monitoring Committee will authorise the Guarantee Fund's application.
      • The Fund will be settled and updated every year.
    • Financial management will be carried out through the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation.

    What is the aid for paying rent arrears?

    This aid is a guarantee for the collection of unpaid rent.

    If the contract is subject to rent mediation, the managing company will inform the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool's technical services of the unpaid rent within the same month. The case will be referred to the Housing Protection and Mediation Service (SPIMH), which will examine the situation and establish how to proceed. Depending on the assessment made, it will opt for:

    • Negotiating the debt
    • Aid for paying the debt
    • Aid for paying the rent
    • In certain situations, an assessment will also be made concerning possible re-accommodation in a cheaper Pool flat or other residential resource.

    Legal proceedings (the Pool's Legal Defence Cover) will have to be initiated in exceptional cases. In such cases, the owners will have their rent covered until they recover possession of their property (Eviction proceedings or Out-of-Court Settlement). This situation is incompatible with AVALLOGUER (6 months).


    1. Report from the SPIMH with assessment
    2. Checking requirements, out-of-court settlement with the owners (through the Housing Offices or the Pool's Legal Services) and proposed resolution)
    3. Financial management will be carried out through the Municipal Institute of Housing and Renovation.

    Aid for debts with legal proceedings

    In view of the current housing emergency, the Barcelona Housing Consortium is aiming to regularise new Rental Housing Pool contracts to avoid eviction procedures.

    Aid for debts with legal proceedings is proposed as a management tool for maintaining housing in negotiations with owners. It is a subsidy for involving properties involved in legal proceedings, whose unpaid rent has led to a legal claim or ruling.

    Terms and conditions for aid with legal proceedings:

    • It enables the payment of debt arrears of up to a maximum of €6,000
    • It is incompatible with Avalloguer
    • It is incompatible with Empty Housing Subsidies (€1,500)
    • It is conditional to the signing of a contract (with the Pool's mediation) and a commitment to keeping the same family or household in the property.
    • Depending on the income of the family or household, an application may be considered for subsidies for the Pool's rent payments as "implicit" aid


    • Processing the Subsidy for paying accumulated debt under legal proceedings or out-of-court settlement (through the Housing or Rental Aid Offices)
    • Termination of the current contract in accordance a the court ruling or out-of-court settlement (through the Housing Offices or Pool's Legal Services)
    • Signing of a new contract with the Rental Housing Pool
    • Properties with Habitability Certificates (HC), Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) and without any need for renovation have to apply for:
      • Subsidies for rent arrears
      • A new contract with the Pool
    • Properties without Habitability Certificates (HC), Energy Efficiency Certificates (EEC) and without any need for renovation have to apply for:
      • Subsidies for rent arrears
      • Habitability Certificate and/or Energy Efficiency Certificate
      • A new contract with the Pool
    • Properties in need of habitability work:
    • If minor work is required (work compatible with the presence of the tenant), the following has to be applied for:
      • Subsidy for the work
      • Subsidies for rent arrears
      • Habitability Certificate and/or Energy Efficiency Certificate
      • A new contract with the Pool
    • If major work is required (work incompatible with the presence of the tenant), the following has to be applied for:
    • Commitment to include the property in the Pool at the end of the work
    • Subsidy for the work
    • Subsidy for rent arrears and HC and/or EEC procedures
    • Habitability Certificate and/or Energy Efficiency Certificate
    • A new contract with the Pool

    What is the home renovation subsidy?

    Currently, this aid is NOT active.

    This subsidy covers up to 100% of the amount of the rehabilitation works, with a maximum of 20,000 euros.

    To access this subsidy, the homes must be placed at the disposal of the Rental Home Pool. The lease that is formalized must have a duration of one year extendable up to five years, in the event that the said lease is terminated in the first two years, the beneficiary of the grant will be required to formalize a new rental contract with the mediation of the Barcelona Rental Home Pool for a minimum period of one year extendable up to five years in the case of properties of natural persons and one year extendable up to seven years in the case of property of legal persons.

    The subsidisable actions are the following:

    • Obtaining habitability
    • Adaptation of the facilities inside the house and improvement of habitability
    • Adaptation of the interior mobility of the house
    • Energy improvements and sustainability

    Check the specific requirements and the documentation to be provided to the announcement of renovation subsidies.

    Requirements and documents that have to be presented by owners

    Requirements for your property's inclusion in the Rental Pool

    Your property must meet the following conditions for inclusion in the Rental Pool:

    • It must be located in the city of Barcelona
    • It must have a Habitability Certificate or satisfy the conditions for obtaining it.
    • It must be put up for rent through the Rental Pool.
    • It must have an Energy Efficiency Certificate or satisfy the conditions for obtaining it.

    Background of the properties:

    • Properties directly from the private market
    • Social-housing properties with rental authorisation from the Generalitat of Catalonia
    • Properties from the Barcelona Housing Consortium's Redevelopment Programme

    For further information consult the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool's Regulatory Standards.

    Documents that have to be presented and forms

    To include your property in the Rental Housing Pool:

    Application form (CAT) for “renting out a property through the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool”.

    To apply for subsidies:

    Subsidy for the inclusion of dwellings in the Rental Hosing Pool programme.​

    Tax discount equivalent to 95% of Property Tax (IBI) payments

    Once the property has been included in the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool, and while it remains available for rent.

    • Tax discount application form (CAT). When the contract is signed, the Declaration of Assets of Municipal Interest is requested and the tax discount remains during the social rental contract.
    • Bank information sheet (CAT) certified by the financial institution.
    • A property tax (IBI) receipt from the current year (for instalment payments, you only need to produce the receipt for one instalment).

    Subsidies for construction work.

    Check the official call for renovation-aid applications.

    For further information consult the Barcelona Rental Housing Pool's Regulatory Standards (CAT).