Housing offices only offer face-to-face assistance by prior appointment, so check out the “Housing calls you” service here to receive the most appropriate personalised assistance. If you also need assistance in energy rights, book an appointment with an energy-advice point (PAE) by clicking here. On the other hand, if you reside in an IMHAB public dwelling you can consult our contact, management and processing channels here.​

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Insuring a property for a value that is below its real value. In order to eliminate this, an amount is agreed with the insurance company that is not dependent on the value known as "prime risk".

Urban land

Land which has access for wheeled vehicles, running water, a sewer system and electricity. In other words, land that is ready to be built on.

Urban planning classification

Defines permitted land uses.

Urban zoning

The set of regulations that regulates the permitted uses of land.

Useful surface area

The dwelling's surface area that is the sum of all the clear floor surfaces of all the rooms in the property.


The right to enjoy someone else's property with the obligation to maintain it.