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You will find information here on all topics relating to housing in Barcelona

Second-hand home

Dwelling that has had at least one previous owner.

Secured insurance policy

Guarantees cover of the agreed amount in the rental agreement, during the time stipulated in the insurance contract.

Self builder

A person who builds their own dwelling because they are the owner of a residential building site. They have to comply with some requirements: hiring an architect to draft the planning project and supervise the work; apply for a building permit from the City Council; pay the corresponding taxes; sign a works contract with a contractor which includes deadlines, materials and prices; sign, in the presence of a notary public, the property deed when the construction is completed; and, lastly, register the property in the Property Registry.


Seize assets to guarantee payment of a debt. Undertaken by the competent authority.


Pay off a debt.

Single-parent family

A family unit in which the children live with only one of the two parents.

Social housing (HPO) classification

Makes it possible for both the buyer and the builder or promoter to receive benefits in exchange for being subject to certain legal conditions during the time that the property is classified as social housing (HPO). For example, the builder cannot sell the dwelling for more than the fixed maximum price, and the buyer has to abide by the conditions for use and sale.

Special contribution

Extraordinary expenses.


Where the tenant partially or totally rents the property to third parties.


A legal situation in which a person acquires the rights and obligations of another. Changing a mortgage to another financial institution or to a third person. When the operation is between financial institutions, it means maintaining the conditions of the initial mortgage, accepting the new interest rate, and paying a commission for cancelling the loan. In the case of the sale of a mortgaged property, this means that the buyer takes over the mortgage, with the same financial institution and under the same conditions.


The amount of a mortgage payment that is received from the Administration in the form of a subsidy.