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You will find information here on all topics relating to housing in Barcelona

Early cancellation

Advanced repayment of the agreed amounts for repaying the loan. This can be total or partial repayment. The financial institution usually charges a percentage of the amount repaid in advance to compensate for the financial loss involved in altering the agreed repayment schedule. In the case of variable-interest loans, the legal maximum percentage is 1%.

Early repayment

The possibility of repaying the loan, either totally or partially, before the agreed time. You need to know if the financial institution recognises this possibility and under what conditions, if there is a minimum amount and what commission is charged. In general, a percentage of the amount repaid in advance is usually charged, to compensate for the financial loss involved in altering the agreed repayment schedule.

Emancipated minor

A person between the ages of 16 and 18 who can make decisions about their life and possessions as if they were adults. Emancipation is awarded through a public deed, witnessed by a notary public, and must be recorded in the Civil Registry.


Limitations to ownership of a property or linked to the payment of an obligation. It has to be recorded in the Property Registry.


Referring to housing, each time data is recorded in the Property Registry referring to the life of a dwelling.

ESAL Agreement

Agreement signed by the Barcelona City Council, the Association of Social Housing Policy Managers of Catalonia (GHS) and various representative entities of the sector (Cohabitac, FCHC and the XES) with the aim of expanding the public housing stock in one thousand flats, which will be used for social rent and affordable cooperative housing.


The Euro Interbank Offer Rate, a daily index that measures the evolution of the European interbank market. It is the most recommendable index. However, it must be said that it reflects the rises and falls in the rate in a very abrupt manner. A differential is always added to it, but it is not advisable for the rate to go above 1.25%.


Applied to a dwelling, installation or feature belonging to a private property of a particular owner. It is the opposite of the "common" concept, which refers to an installation or feature that belongs to the community of property owners.