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Fulfilment of the debt to the bank once the loan and the interests have been paid off. This involves expenses for deed processing and registration in the Property Registry.

Cancellation (Extinció)

The finalisation of a contract due to non-compliance with its obligations by the two parties. In a rental agreement, the owner can cancel the contract when the tenant does not pay the rent, the deposit or the updated amount, sublets or transfers the dwelling without permission, causes damage or carries out work without permission, carries out annoying, dangerous or illegal activities or uses the property for other uses. The tenant can cancel the contract if the owner does not maintain the property or interferes in the agreed use.

Cancellation fee

Commission charged by the financial institution once all the principal and the interest of a mortgage have been paid.


Nominal amount of the mortgage or principal. The total amount of the debt pending payment, without including interest.

CECA active rate

Measures the evolution of personal loans and mortgages, which means it is always a little higher.

Certificate of habitability

Certificate issued by a competent technician that guarantees that the property meets the minimum standards of habitability. This is needed for obtaining the Certificate of Occupancy.

Certificate of occupancy

A document issued by the Directorate General of Housing which certifies that a dwelling complies with minimum standards of habitability.

Certificate of registered ownership

Document authenticated and issued by the Property Registry which declares whether the property has any encumbrances.


A section of a contract that contains an aspect agreed between the parties involved.


Expenses charged by financial institutions for services to clients. They must be accepted by both parties and listed in the information leaflet and the mortgage loan deed.

Commitment charge

The financial institution's costs for researching, granting and processing the loan, along with other administrative expenses arising from the mortgage.


Applied to a dwelling, a co-ownership area in a building in which all the co-owners of a building have a share. These are common features, including roofs, roof terraces, facades, land, foundations, structure, load-bearing walls, as well as patios, terraces, conduits, community installations and open spaces.

Common law couple

An unmarried, stable couple who are not registered in the Civil Union Registry.

Community agreement

Minutes of the community of the property owners meeting where approval is given for construction work.

Community of property owners

Body which controls a horizontal-property building. It consists of all the building's property owners.

Condemned building

Condemning, which is a municipal administrative action, indicates that the condition of a building is an imminent danger for people and property, making it necessary to partially or totally demolish it.

Consumer arbitration

For resolving conflicts between two parties without going to court. However, the two parties involved have to voluntarily accept the arbitration. Arbitration rulings have legal value.


Assets of the insured party, their relatives and other people living in the same dwelling, except for vehicles, valuables, furniture, household furnishings, and materials for exercising a profession.

Continuation for third parties

In rented accommodation, where the tenant does not wish to renew the contract, their spouse, or a partner with whom they have lived for two years, may continue using the property until the end of the contract. The same thing applies in cases of divorce, annulment or separation, where the dwelling is assigned to the tenant's spouse by the judge.

Contract specifications

Document containing the conditions of a contract.

Contract transfer

Document in which the rights of a contract are partially or totally transferred to third parties.


Consumer Price Index. Evaluates the increase in costs. This is the index used to update rental contracts in the first five years. After that, it is increased in accordance with the contract's specifications.