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You will find information here on all topics relating to housing in Barcelona

Rateable value

Assigned value in a dwelling's cadastral certificate.

Recorded release

Elimination of the loan on a property and which is recorded in the Property Registry. A mortgage may be paid, but it may still be recorded in the Registry. In order to erase it, you must sign a mortgage-cancellation deed, pay the tax on legal documents and then record it in the Registry, which then cancels the loan referred to.

Registration data of the property

The data for the dwelling that is recorded in the Property Registry.

Registry verification

Confirming the situation of the property in the Property Registry. This can be carried out by a direct examination of the books, with an informative note, or with a registry certificate.


The monthly amount that the tenant pays the owner for renting a flat, which is agreed between the two parties before signing the contract.

Rental agreement

An agreement between the owner and the tenant for the renting of a dwelling in exchange for a rent freely agreed between the two parties.


Renting out a property to the person who signs the rental contract and the people who live with that person.

Repayment insurance

Designed for mortgage holders, this guarantees amortisation in the case of the holder's death or disability. It is not obligatory, but it is advisable to get this when the mortgage is signed.

Repricing time period

Periodicity with which the interest rates for variable-interest loans are modified.

Requested housing system

There are different types: ownership, leasing or renting, for 10, 25 or 30 years, with an option to buy, for senior citizens (for family or dwelling units with a maximum of two members and over the age of 65) or for young people (under the age of 35 and made up of a family or dwelling unit with a maximum of two people or, in exceptional cases, three members, if one is a minor.

Returned emigrants

Emigrants who are originally from Barcelona or who lived here in the two years prior to their emigration from the country, and who have applied for recognition as a returnee, in accordance with the Act concerning support measures for the return of Catalan emigrants and their descendants. This is applicable, for example, to Spanish citizens residing abroad whose last administrative place of residence was Catalonia; or people born in Catalonia who are residents abroad, but who were evacuated or became exiles for political reasons.

Right of first refusal

A tenant's right to enforce their pre-emptive or acquisition right, rendering the sale of the property invalid.

Right of occupancy

Gives its holder the right to occupy the part of a property needed by the holder and their family, in order to satisfy their housing needs.

Right of use

The right to have and use a dwelling in accordance with the needs of the user and, where appropriate, their family.

Rights limitations

Limitations to the owner's rights for a property in favour of a third party - right of way, lights, view, etc.